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Free Book - Nutrition, Functional Foods and Epigenetics

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Free Book - Nutrition, Functional Foods and Epigenetics Discover the fascinating world of nutrition and functional foods with this new textbook from author John Lawrence King. Ideal for beginner to intermediate level students in health education, this paperback publication from amazon covers the latest research and insights into the role of epigenetics in our diet. Explore the impact of different food groups on our genetic expression, and learn how functional foods can be used to support health and wellness. This comprehensive guide is suitable for adult learners in further education, sixth form college, or vocational school, and provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in the cutting-edge field of nutritional science. This text is suitable for the general population that have a thirst for knowledge and for individuals with a studious interest in Nutriepigenomics, Functional foods, Bio-Functional-foods and Epigenetics as methods towards healthy ageing. The reader’s health is not guaranteed, though functional foods combined with personalised nutrition and exercise will help towards healthy ageing.